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Giant Cherokee Indian Buried in a Cave With Wampum in Tennessee


Giant Cherokee Indian Buried in a Cave with Wampum in Tennessee

Many strange skeletons were discovered in Tennessee including a mass graveyard of ancient dwarf race. : 100,000 Pygmy or Dwarf Graves Described in Tennessee Concur with Cherokee Indian's Legend of Pixie and Fairies

Knoxville Weekly Chronicle, November 2, 1870
    We were shown yesterday by Major Underwoood, a large piece of wampum found in a cave near Newport, Cocke County, while prospecting for zinc, and also the skeleton of one of the aborigines.  The skeletons were of gigantic size, and from the care taken in its internment, the unknown defunct must have been of great prominence in his day.  The remains were interred beneath an overhanging rock, in a sitting posture, and the side walled up with stone. In the rough crypt were found one hundred and fifty-eight pieces of wampum, varying in size from a silver dime, though much thicker, to a Mexican dollar, each piece being concave on one side, beautifully polished and perforated through the center.  The wampum seemed to have been made of some thick shell of what have been the covering of some monster tortoise or land terrapin, coeval with the mastodon and long since extinct.