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Grave Creek Mound, Moundsville Prison: Portals to the Underworld

 Grave Creek Mound, Moundsville Prison: Portals to the Underworld

The Moundsville Prison in West Virginia is one of the most haunted places in America, why?  It is so surprising to see teams of paranormal investigators on television go to this site and completely ignore the 70-foot burial mound outside the prison gates.

The mound and earthwork complex was built on the gateway to the Nephilim giants empire that ran the extent of the Ohio River.  Stone towers once flanked each side of the river to let those traveling down the Ohio that they were entering another land. 

This map shows the burial mound complex along with works on the adjoining bluffs. The two points of the bluff that are marked as 'lookouts" were stone towers that would have been visible to those traveling down the Ohio River.

The bluffs in the distance were the location of burial mounds and earthworks that overlooked the mound complex where the Moundsville West Virginia Prison now stands.

The Grave Creek burial mound was the largest constructed in the Ohio Valley.  What is a burial mound?  Mounds were constructed to connect the living with the dead, they were portals to the afterlife. This is why the prison is haunted, the gate has been open for 2000 years!

Who was buried in  the tomb?
The Grave Creek Mound was constructed to entomb a giant King and Queen

Charleston Daily Mail, October 22, 1922
Skeletons in Mound”
One of the most interesting of the five state parks is Mound Park, at Moundsville from which that city derived its name. Probably no other relic of pre-historic origin has attracted as wide study among archaeologists as the Grave Creeks mound which has given up skeletons of the ancients who constructed it.
Aside from the mammoth tumulus, itself 69 feet high and 900 feet in circumference, there were originally no fewer than seven mounds situated in the broad plain at the point. None was nearly equal to the one now standing, and the locations of most of the smaller ones are now lost to all excepting a few.
Archaeologists investigating the mound some years ago dug out a skeleton said to be that of a female because of the formation of the bones. The skeleton was seven feet four inches tall and the jawbone would easily fit over the face of a man weighing 160 pounds.
That the women of that ancient day were not unlike the woman of today in their liking for finery was evidenced by the articles that were found beside the skeleton of what centuries ago was a “flapper.” Seventeen hundred ivory beads, 500 seashells of an involute species and five copper bracelets were found in the vault. The beads and shells were about the neck and breast of the skeleton while the bracelets were upon the arms.
There was also taken from the mound the skeleton of a man eight feet tall.

Who was this ancient Queen buried in the mound?

This tablet that was written in ancient Hebrew proclaims this grave to be that of the Queen of the mound builders.  While archaeologists would  argue against this theory (while providing no theories of their own) there are giants tombs in great numbers around the Moundsville prison and mound site.

The Daily Mail, Hagerstown Maryland December 3, 1908
Skeletons Found Believed To Be Those Of Mound Builders
Friendly W. Va., Dec 2-Prof E. L. Lively and J.L Williamson have made an examination of the giant skeletons found by children playing near that town. The femur and vertebrae were found to be in remarkable state of preservation and showed the persons to be of enormous stature.
The skeletons ranged in height from 7 feet 6 inches down to 6 feet 7 inches....

Raleigh Herald, December 15, 1916
Workmen last Tuesday, while grading for the Fairmont & Wyatt railroad on the B. W. Shian farm near Pine Bluff, Marion county, unearthed the skeleton of what appears to be a giant of olden times. The skeleton was found in the mound opposite the residence of B. W. Bogges. The skull and several of thre large bones were in a good state of preservation. The skull being something near the size of a two-gallon bucket, with the low forehead and a long under-jaw.......

The Washington Post, June 23, 1908
Giant In Ancient Mound
Curious Relics of Prehistoric Times is Found in the Tomb
Special to the Washington post
Huntington, W. Va., June 22-The municipal authorities of Central City, four miles west of here, three weeks ago ordered the removal of a prehistoric mound from Thirteenth Street. To-day twelve feet above the base of the mound a gigantic human skeleton was discovered. It is almost seven feet in length, and of massive proportions........

Giant human tombs in burial mounds that were portals to connect the living and the dead.  Is there any wonder that the site of the prison is haunted. A short distance down river is where the sitings of Mothman occur.