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The Gematria Numbers 666 and 1080 and the Nephilim Earthworks in the Ohio Valley

 The Gematria Numbers 666 and 1080 and the Nephilim Earthworks in the Ohio Valley

One of two henges in Charleston, West Virginia with a circumference of 666 feet. 666 was the Babylonian number for the sun. The two henges gateways are aligned to both the Summer and Winter solstices.
John Michell explains that the numbers in Revelations can be understood once you understand St John’s training as a Gnostic mystic.  All the number in Revelations are linked to Gematria (linking ancient Hebrew or Greek letters to numbers) and from this can be derived the true meaning behind the number 666 as laid down in Revelations.  John Michell has this to say about 666: ‘On the opposite pole to 1080 is 666, a number regarded with superstitious awe by those who associate it with the Devil.  This idea goes back to St John and Revelation 13 where he identified the ‘number of the Beast’ by the three Greek letters:  Chi, Xi and Sigma ie 600, 60 and 6.
The Babylonian Gematria opposite of the Sun is the Lunar Goddess represented by the number 1080. Five earthworks around Chillicothe, Ohio have square earthworks with each side measuring 1080 feet per side. 1080 x 2 = 2160   6 X 6 X 6 = 216

The number 666 is the thirty-sixth triangular number.  Is is the sum of all the numbers up to 36.  These number 1 to 36 also form what is known as a magic square where each line column and diagonal adds up to 111 and the whole to 666.  The traditional name for this, the magic square of the Sun, acknowledges the solar symbolism of 666.

The first twelve numbers, split into two halves, are curiously productive of the solar number,for:

1x2x3x4x5x6 = 720

7x8x9x10x11x12 = 665280

Total:           666000

In St John’s account there are actually two beasts.  The first one he sees rising up from the sea, and the second is born from the earth.  The second beast sets up the first as an idol, an object of compulsory worship. To discover the name of the first beast, St John tells his readers to work out his number, for it is the number of a man,’and his number is 666′.

John Michell continues that ‘this passage has perplexed the learned for almost two millennia, while generations of fanatics have laboured to identify the man with the number 666 as the Antichrist. The second beast, who establishes the first as the object of a worldwide cult, is clearly some ruling authority.  That in St John’s time, would have been the Roman empire of the Roman Church that succeeded it.  As the the first beast, whose image, marked with a deadly wound, was made the chief emblem of the cult, he must have been a religious leader, officially venerated but disdained as an idol by St John and the early Christian Gnostics.

The answer to this conundrum is made plain through the esoteric code of symbolic number that St John makes use of throughout his book.  In the last verse of Revelation 13 he wrote:  ‘Here is wisdom.  Let him that hath understanding (nous) count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man’.  The comes the key phrase: ‘And his number is 666’.  In that phrase, is concealed a number, not the exoteric 666 that needs no counting, but a number that emerges by adding up the numerical values of the letters in the phrase.  They amount to 2368.  This number in Gematria is Jesus Christ.  But St John warns that only those with understanding – meaning those initiated into the mysteries of symbolic number – should count the number.  The word ‘beast (therion), used in old-fashioned translations of the New Testament, means simply a wild animal, there is nothing ‘beastly’ about the number 666.  Numbers symbolize natural principles which in themselves are neither good nor evil.  The number 666 is the polar opposite of 1080, and is is also its complement and partner. 1080 is the essential lunar number, applying to the world of imagination and the gifts of the holy spirit, whereas 666 refers to pure solar energy.  As the symbolic number of the sun, 666 implies male authority and the principle of reason.    Were it not for 666 and what it stands for the world would lose its vitality and grow sterile.    In the names and phrases that yield this number through gematria can be seen its overall character:

666 = the mind, understanding, reason and from God or from above’.