Friday, August 5, 2011

Nephilim Giant Human Skeletons Revealed at Fort Hill in New York

Nephilim Giant Skeletons Revealed at Fort Hill in New York

                              Map of Fort Hill in New York. Many giants were discovered in New York State. Here is another report of a New York giant skeleton being discovered. : Mass Grave of Giants Hints of a Great Battle in Madison County, New York

Notes on the Iroquois, Henry R. Schoolcraft, 1847
Skeletons found about Fort Hill (Auburn, N.Y.) and its vicinity, sustain the impression that the former occupants of their military station, were of a larger and more powerful race of men than ourselves. I learned that the skeletons generally indicated a stouter and larger frame. A humerus or shoulder bone, of which one has been preserved, may safely be said to be one-third larger or stouter than any now swung by the living. A resident of Batavia, Thomas T. Everertt, M.D., has in his cabinet, a portion of a lower jawbone, full one-third larger than any possessed by the present race of men, which was found in a hill near Le Roy, some two years since.

History of the Holland Purchase, 1849
   The ancient works at Fort Hill, LeRoy, are especially worthy of observation in connection with this interesting branch of history… Forty years ago an entrenchment ten feet deep, and some twelve or fifteen feet wide, extended from the west to the east end, along the north or front part, and continued up each side about twenty rods, where it crossed over, and joining made the circuit of entrenchment complete. It would seem that this fortification was arranged more for protection against invasion from the north, this direction being evidently its most commanding position. Near the northwest corner, piles of rounded stones, have, at different times, been collected of hard consistence, which are supposed to have been used as weapons of defense by the besieged against the besiegers. Such skeletons as have been found in and about this locality, indicate a race of men averaging one third larger than the present race; so adjudged an anatomist. There were more large skeletons that were uncovered in northern New York. Giants with weapons from the Biblical Levant here.

Giant Human Skeletons with Horns