Sunday, February 5, 2012

Giant Human Skeleton Hoaxes by University Archaeologists

Mongo Indiana,  University Reader: February 5, 2012
    Recently, there has been an increase of giant human skeleton hoaxes on the internet and You Tube.   I was told by one of my sources that these hoaxes were the invention of University archaeologist who are concerned about the evidence of a former giant human race that was published in the book "The Nephilim Chronicles: Fallen Angels in the Ohio Valley."  This evidence has the potential to completely rewrite American and European history.  With careers on the line, archaeologists have tried to discredit recent finds that were published in the Nephilim Chronicles with obvious fake photographs that have gone viral on the Internet.
     Over 300 historical accounts of giant human skeletons were documented in the Nephilim Chronicles in the Levant, British Isles and the Ohio Valley. More evidence is presented that ties the Adena mound builders of the Ohio Valley to the Beaker People, who are most noted for the construction of Stonehenge.
    The Beaker People's origins have been found to be in the ancient Levant, where they were most noted as the accounted giants in the Bible known as the Amorites. Author of the Nephilim Chronicles, Fritz Zimmerman said, "University Archaeologists and the universities themselves are committed in discrediting the Bible and any notion that it is a trusted historical source.  The giants humans are mentioned often in the the Old Testament and any proof of this being true would be real set back for the atheist at the university."

Giant Human Skeleton Hoax that shows little more than a knowledge of Photo Shop

Another doctored photograph of a giant human skeleton that was found in Saudi Arabia

Wider angle of the same doctored photograph of the giant human skeleton

This giant human that would be 30 feet tall

This giant human skeleton is a photo shop

Another giant human skeleton hoax

Actual burial uncovered, but not a giant skeleton

This photo of a giant human skeleton has been one of the largest hoaxes distributed by universities to discredit the theories on giant human skeletons.

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