Monday, May 20, 2013

9 Foot Human Skeleton Found In Stone Tomb in Tennessee

9 Foot Human Skeleton Found in Stone Tomb in Tennessee

In a cave in Tennessee a mummy was discovered with blonde hair : Ancient Blonde Haired Mummies Discovered in Tennessee

The Skeleton of a Giant Discovered in Tennessee
   Nashville, June 25.- John Park, A Justice of the Peace of White County, while working in a field yesterday, discovered a grave neatly walled in with rock, and on removing the stone remains of a giant was found.  Mr. Park carefully measured the skeleton and found it to be 9 feet in length, 3 feet across the breast, and about 2 feet across where the thigh bones intersect with the body.  Only a few of the bones were in such a state of preservation as to be handled. He took out, and has now at his house, bones of the legs, arms and ribs which are very large, and also some of the teeth, which were comparatively sound. The grave was neatly walled up with rock, and it had been arched over the top.  Inside was a large amount of charcoal in an excellent state of preservation, and which seemed to burn from poplar wood. The field in which the grave was found has been cultivated about 85 years.