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Giant Human Mummy Found In Pennsylvania Burial Mound

  Giant Human Mummy Found In Pennsylvania Burial Mound

The Sun, Dec., 8 1893

9 Foot Mummy Discovered In Pennsylvania Burial Mound

Dr W. J. Holland, curator of the Carnegie museum, Pittsburg and his assistant, Dr. Peterson, a few days ago opened up a mound of the ancient race that inhabited this section and secured the skeleton of a man who when in the flesh was between eight and nine feet in height, says a Greensburg (pa.) dispatch to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

    This mound which was originally about 100 feet longer and more than 12 feet high has been somewhat worn down by time.  It is on the J. R. Secrist farm in South Huntington township.  This farm has been in the Secrist name for more than a century.

 The most interesting feature in the recent excavation was the mummified torso of the human body, which the experts figured was laid to rest at least 400 years ago.  Portions of the bones dug up and the bones in the legs, Prof, Peterson declares are those of a person between eight and nine feet in height.  The scientists figure that that this skeleton was the framework of a person of the prehistoric race that inhabited this section before the American Indians.

    The torso and the portions of the big skeleton were shipped to the Carnegie museum.  Drs. Holland and Peterson supervised the exploration on the Secrist mound with the greatest of care.  The curators believe the man whose skeleton they secured belonged to the mound builders class