Saturday, December 5, 2015

Archaeologists Aren't Wrong About Evolution; Just Stupid.

Archaeologists Aren't Wrong About Evolution; Just Stupid.

  I was recently corrected on a blog post about my use of the word, "Cro-Magnon."  The argument was that the intellectual elite at our universities no longer differentiated Cro-Magnon from modern men, really? The defintiion of Cro-Magnon is, 

   " An early form of modern human (Homo sapiens) inhabiting Europe in the late 
Paleolithic Period, from about 40,000 to 10,000 years ago,characterized by a broad
 face and tall stature."
   Not a little taller, a lot taller as confessed by, Formicola and Giannecchini's data revealed that "EUP [Early Upper Paleolithic] males are much taller (176.2 cm) and LUP [Late Upper Paleolithic] shorter (165.6 cm), with an average difference of 10.6 cm.
Similarly EUP females (162.9 cm) largely exceed LUP females (153.5 cm)." I think the jury is still out.
Early Modern Human Skull from Qazfeh Cave in Israel, still exhibiting Neanderthal skull traits that would persist for an other 100,000 years with a people known for their great height.
This Archaic type skull along with large height was most prevalent in the very place where Cro-Magnon was first  identified.
News, (Frederick Maryland) Jan 31, 1924
Find Old Graves
Skeletons of Giant Warriors Unearthed in France
Men who lived 25,000 Years Ago Believed to have Died Fighting-Arrow Found in Head of One.
  The discovery of 25,000 year- old graves containing well preserved skeletons of three prehistoric warriors has just been discovered at Solutre, a small village in the. [...] department of France, widely known for its prehistoric remains.
   The skeletons evidently belonged to extremely powerful men, as the smallest of the three measured six feet two inches while the tallest measured six feet nine inches. The shape of the skull is remarkable, the forehead is rather low. The sockets of the eye are square and of large dimensions; the jawbone is prominent and the jaws are powerful, and still contain well preserved teeth.

  It is the same type of  Archaic skulls that were found in great numbers in the burial mounds in the Ohio Valley.  

Montgomery County
The Daily Telegraph,  Jan 21, 1899
   The body of a man, more gigantic than ever recorded in human history, has been unearthed in the Miami Valley, Ohio.
    The skeleton it is calculated, must have belonged to a man 8 feet 1 1/2 inches in height.  It was found within a half mile of Miamisburg in a locality which contains many relics of the mound builders.
    He is clearly a man and a very well formed and well proportioned one as to the limbs.  His  skull is of an extremely low order, being but a shade higher than that of Pithecanthorpos Erectus found by Dr. Dubois in Java.  It is far below that the most degraded living type.  The prehistoric giant must have had a head that differed little from that of a gorilla.

    So Cro- Magnon were taller and their skulls or faces were much different. They generally had more of an Archaic type of skull, leaning more towards Neanderthals than modern men with protruding brow ridges, slanted foreheads and massive jaws. We also now know that these early Cro-Magnon were  interbreeding with Neanderthals, a fact that archaeologists have argued against for many years. Being completely wrong  on all aspects of evolution is a pattern of  idiocrecy that is  encouraged at the university level.   In essence, Cro-Magnon were not modern at all.