Friday, January 10, 2020

8 Foot Giant With Neanderthal Skull Unearthed Near the Miamisburg, Ohio Mound

8 Foot Giant with Neanderthal Skull 

Unearthed Near the Miamisburg, Ohio 


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The Daily Telegraph, Jan 21, 1899
  The body of a man, more gigantic than ever recorded in human history, has been unearthed in the Miami Valley, Ohio.
   The skeleton it is calculated must have belonged to a man 8 feet 1/2 inches in height.  It was found within a half  mile of Miamisburg in a locality which contains many relics of the mound builders.  Edward W. Gebhart and Edward Kaufman discovered it while they were working in a gravel pit.  Kauffman struck the hard substance with his pick and on examining it found it to be a skull.  When they unearthed the whole skeleton and finally realized its size, they were aghast.
   The skeleton is of prehistoric age being fossilized.  Its gigantic proportions present a puzzling
problem to archaeologists. 
   He is clearly a man and a very well formed and well-proportioned one as to the limbs.  His 
skull is of an extremely low order, being but a shade higher than that of Pithecanthorpos Erectus found by Dr. Dubois in Java.  It is far below that the most degraded living type.  The prehistoric giant must have had a head that differed little from that of a gorilla.