Friday, May 1, 2020

9 Foot Ancient Giant Examined by San Bernardino, California Coroner

9 Foot Ancient Giant Examined by San Bernardino, California Coroner

As many giants have been uncovered in California as the Ohio Valley. This is a great photo of a giant on Catalina Island where you can see the distinctive protruding brow of the giant : Giant Skeleton Over 9 Foot Tall Found on Catalina Island, California

Los Angeles Times, July 21, 1936

     Suspension of work in a Lytle Creek gravel pit, where Saturday the skull of an ancient giant was unearthed by a contracting company's steam shovel, today constituted the county's contribution to science. There will be no further digging in the pit until scientists have had an opportunity to examine the gravel and excavate with more precision for possible additional information on the early inhabitants of California.

Find On Exhibition

      Meanwhile, the skull of the giant, together with several small bones, today rested on an improvised table in the County Coroner's office while hundreds of curious filed past. The skull, far larger than that of the present-day man, has characteristics that, to the layman, seem to classify it with the Mongolian race. High cheekbones, powerful jaws, and teeth that would not be amiss on a carnivorous animal immediately attract attention. Local amateur scientists have expressed the opinion that if the remainder of the skeleton were of the corresponding size with a skull, a man of eight or nine feet in height could easily be visioned. Coroner Williams is satisfied that clues to early life on this continent have been uncovered.

Bears Out Theory

 Several vertebrae, a leg bone, and several finger bones bear out his contention. They are on the same enormous scale as the skull.