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Top Twelve Giant Human Skelton's Discovered in California

Top Twelve Giant Human Skelton's Discovered in California

One of their distinctive features of the giants in California and the Ohio Valley was there protruding  browridge and sloped skull. This photo from Catalina Island it what most of the giants skull features looked like. : Giant Skeleton Over 9 Foot Tall Found on Catalina Island, California

Giant Human Skeletons Discovered in Alameda County
Boston Herald, October 11, 1922, FIND GIANT'S BONES IN MOUND Captain Newton H. Chittenden Makes Discovery of Skeleton of a Prehistoric Man
  Captain Newton H. Chittenden, the explorer, and lecturer has proved the theory that he held for some time that the neighborhood was formerly the home of giants by finding the bones of the of the species. Captain Chittenden refuses to reveal the burial ground of this prehistoric man but admits that it is somewhere in one of the oldest Indian mounds of West Berkeley.
    The bones found by Captain Chittenden make almost a complete skeleton, the missing parts being a number of the vertebrae.  The thigh bones are a large and measured by present-day standards indicate that the owner of them must have been a man by at least eight feet high.  Half the skull is gone, but the half that remains shows that twice as many brains as that of the modern man.  This skull is like one found several years ago in West Berkeley when excavations were being made for the foundation of a building.
 " I have no doubt," says, Captain Chittenden, "that ages ago giants roamed around this country.  This man was no monstrosity, such as we occasionally have nowadays, but a perfectly formed man ans possessed of great of great intellectual powers.  I intend to continue my investigation in the hope of finding more bones of our ancestors."

  Captain Chittenden will present the skeleton to the Berkeley High School.

Giant Human Skeletons Discovered in Contra Costa County

Mansfield News, Mansfield Ohio, July 25, 1911
Important Historical Find In California
   From an excavation made by workman in the employ of the Port Costa Water company have been found a large number of Indian relics of great age including the specimens of crude pottery already mentioned and the skeleton of an Indian giant more than seven feet tall. The skeleton is in the possession of Dr. Neff of Concord, who is mounting it for an exhibition. 

Giant Human Skeletons Discovered in Fresno County
Los Angeles Times, September 25, 1911
Fisherman Uncover Skull
Fresno Men While Casting for Trout Find the Remains of a Giant in Stream.
    Fresno, Sept. 24 – While fishing in San Joaquin River Helm's pasture ranch today, C. A. Lane and H. G. Reed, discovered the skull and arm bone of a human being. The gruesome exhibit was brought to Fresno and was turned over to the authorities. Lane and Reed were were casting their fishing lines in the clear water of the San Joaquin River when they saw the bones half buried in the white sand.
The skull, with every bit of hair gone, was lying face upward, Near the skull lay part of a human arm.
    The skull and arm had evidently been in the water for years. The teeth were still intact.
Land and Reed conducted a search further but were unable to find any additional bones. The size of the skull and arm bones indicate that parts once belonged to a man or woman of gigantic size.

Giant Human Skeletons Discovered in Kern County

L. A. Times, September 3, 1916
     The discovery of a skull, jawbones and femur of giant proportions by D. L. Gilliland and F. M. Puntenney of Moonpark, in a cavern in one of the canyons of the great Pisgah Grando Rancho just over the Ventura county line, lends color to the belief, long held by residents of that scenic section, that the burying place of a prehistoric race of giants has been found. The find was made under peculiar circumstances, Messrs Gilliland and Puntenney who are officers of the law at Moonpark, were searching for two Mexicans, said to have been connected with robberies at Moonpark and Santa Susana. After scouring the various canyons they came upon a wide cavern deep in the brush and hidden from view by a rugged rampart of rocks.
      Seeing that there was an opening in which the fugitives might take shelter, Mr. Puntenney pulled aside the underbrush and peered into the depths. Within he saw the grinning skull of huge size and the great femur, that must have formed the thigh bone of a mighty giant.

Giant Human Skeletons Discovered in Los Angeles County

Washington Times, July 13th 1908
Giant Skeletons Found on Coast
    Los Angeles California, July 13. - William Derbyshire and Jack Stonebeberger, of Chicago, and Robert Derbyshire of Santa Monica, contractors, have unearthed the skeleton of a gigantic prehistoric man at Santa Monica Beach. The skeleton was over nine feet in height. Hard work uncovered thirteen similar skeletons.

Williamsport Sun Gazette (Williamsport, Pennsylvania) August 25, 1908
Find Giant's Skeletons
   Campers at the mouth of the Malibou canyon unearthed fourteen skeletons, representing what must have been race of gigantic men belonging to a prehistoric age.

Los Angeles Herald, March 11, 1909
   SAN PEDRO, - March 10. - The skeleton of an Indian was unearthed at Whites Point this afternoon by a grading machine.
   The skeletons was that of a man of unusual stature, abnormally large head and thickness of the skull.

The San Francisco Call, July 9, 1908
Remains of Giant Race Are Found Near Santa Monica Beach
   LOS ANGELES, July 8. - Fourteen skeletons of giant Indians supposed to have roved this section centuries ago have just been dug from the sands of the beach on Malibu ranch just north of Santa Monica. The smallest skeleton indicates a stature of seven feet, while several of the Indians must have been at least eight feet tall.

East Oregonian (Pendleton, Oregon) July 9, 1908
   Santa Monica, California, July 9. - Scientists today are trying to persuade Mrs. Rindge, the owner of the Malibu ranch, to allow them to exhume the skeletons of a race of giant Indians, whose graveyard was discovered on the ranch. Campers found the bones uncovered. Some of the skeletons belong to a race of men averaging more than seven feet. Some of the men were eight feet tall.

Giant Human Skeletons Discovered in San Diego County

Los Angeles Times July 21, 1895
A Notable Fossil Find In San Diego County
A Human Hoof Twenty Inches Long and  "Big in Proportion" -  On a par with the Famous Calaveras Skull What Scientists Say

   San Diego, July 18. - Special Correspondence. a discovery made in Sweetwater Valley in San Diego county some time ago may yet create a sensation among scientists when the full import of the fossil is made known.
      While digging a well the workmen unearthed what appears to be the fossil of a huge human foot, a photograph of which has been taken especially for The Times.
      This foot is twenty inches long and of exceedingly large dimensions. It was found some forty or fifty feet below the surface of the earth and had there been a means at hand for further exploration, it is believed that other parts of a gigantic human skeleton, of which this fossilized foot is deemed a part, might have been found.

Giant Human Skeletons Discovered in San Francisco County

The Grape Belt, January 31, 1899
Remains of Eight Giants, All Nearly Seven Feet Tall,
Unearthed Near San Francisco
    Contractors employed in government construction work on Goat Island, San Francisco have unearthed eight skeletons. It is a mystery how they came there and there are several wild stories afloat. One is that Goat Island, which is now a government reserve, was the haunt of pirates, and that much-buried treasure is hidden on the island.
Another is that the island was used by the Spaniards in early days as a burying ground. Several attempts have been made to locate hidden treasure but without success. The skeletons unearthed are of enormous proportions, few being less than six feet six inches long.

Giant Human Skeletons Discovered in Santa Barbara County

Bancroft’s Native Races, 1882,
   Miscellaneous relics reported on authority varying from indifferent to bad at different points in the southern part of the state are as follows: In 1819 an old lady saw a gigantic skeleton dug up by soldiers at Purísima on the Lompoc Rancho. The natives deemed it a god, and it was re-buried by the direction of the padre. Taheechaypah pass and the mission of San Buenaventura are other localities where skeletons of extraordinary size have been found.