Tuesday, October 13, 2020

12 Foot Nephilim Giants Uncovered in Stone Tomb, Near Lexington, Kentucky

 12 Foot Nephilim Giants Uncovered in Stone Tomb, Near Lexington, Kentucky

The Citizen (Berea, Kentucky) December 7, 1911
Containing the Skeletons of Prehistoric Giants
     Pine Grove, Kentucky - Evidence of a prehistoric race has been uncovered by Hugh Yates, a prosperous landowner of this country, on his farm, a few miles from here.  While excavating beneath a high cliff on his place, Mr. Yates came upon an immense grave containing a human skeleton. The frame was of giant proportions.
His curiosity aroused.  Mr. Yates called in some neighbors and armed with picks, they burrowed their way into the side of the cliff and found an ancient sepulcher crowded with human skeletons, some of them larger than one first found.  One of the frames measured 12 feet.
Along with the skeletons were found curiously wrought jewels and strange ornaments, while cooking vessels and musical instruments of queer design were unearthed in great profusion. The diggers are still at work and expect to make even more imortant finds.