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Indiana's Ancient Giant Race


Indiana's Ancient Giant Race

The Burlingame Enterprise (Burlingame, Kansas) August 20, 1903

    The Indianapolis News says; “The way they are digging up seven and eight-foot skeletons 

in various parts of the state leads us to doubt whether we are really the greatest people that 

ever lived in Indiana at all.” That's about the only skeletons that can be found in Indiana. 

The medical colleges got the rest. More on Indiana's giants

Giant Human Skeletons Discovered in Allen County, Indiana

History of Fort Wayne, Indiana, 1868

     "In removing this- great sand, heap, as in digging at other points within the present limits 

of Fort Wayne, the Indians having deposited their dead here and there, many bones and 

skulls were exhumed and removed. On one occasion, some workmen thus engaged, among 

many others, dug up a most remarkable skull —with high-forehead and general formation 

extremely large — indicating a giant form to the possessor."

Giant Human Skeleton Discovered in Bartholomew County

Chicago Daily Tribune, July 20, 1892, 
Two More Skeletons Unearthed Relics the West Fork Historical Society Will Exhibit at the Fair
    Columbus, Ind., July 19. - [Special] – The West Fork Historical Society has unearthed two 

female skeletons from the mound of which the large male skeleton was taken about a year 

ago. It is said one of these skeletons possesses a remarkably fine specimen of Caucasian skull 
and the other one of Mongolian and Caucasian characteristics.

Giant Human Skeletons Discovered in Boone County, Indiana

Marshall County Independent (Plymouth, Indiana) September 1, 1900

    Three skeletons were found in a small mound on a farm near Whitestown. They are much 

larger than skeletons of the present day.

Giant Human Skeletons Discovered in Cass County, Indiana

The Daily Democrat (Huntington, Indiana) December 2, 1895


A Monster Skeleton Unearthed in Noble Township

   The gruesome relic of a prehistoric giant chief measured nearly eight feet in length. In life 

the individual to whom these bones belonged must have been a veritable giant.

Giant Human Skeletons Discovered in Decatur County, Indiana

The Indiana Gazetteer, 1849
Decatur County, Indiana
   From the size of such bones of the skeleton as remain, it must have once been of gigantic size. 

Giant Human Skeleton Discovered in DeKalb County, Indiana

Smithsonian Annual Report, 1874

Dekalb County, Indiana
       We were informed by Mr. Gonzer that it was opened about twenty years ago when the 

skeleton was found the thigh bone of which was as long as his leg, and the skull as large as a 

half bushel measure.

Giant Human Skeletons Discovered in Delaware County, Indiana

Indiana Geological Survey 1881

Delaware County, Indiana
     The Indians used many of the hills as burial places; bones have been discovered which from 

their size would indicate that they belonged to a race of giants.

Giant Human Skeletons Discovered in Fayette County, Indiana

Sunday Vindicator, Sunday, September 12, 1897

Was This Man Whose Skeletons Was Found In Indiana
     The remains indicate that the being of which this was once part, was a veritable giant, 

probably nine feet in height.

Giant Human Skeletons Discovered in Fulton County, Indiana

Logansport Pharos-Trubune August 16, 1898

     A skeleton of a gigantic Indian was plowed up after the removal of two immense stones 

from a field near Kewanna.

Giant Human Skeletons Discovered In Grant County, Indiana

Indiana Department of Geology and Natural History, 1883
Grant County, Indiana  

   The ball and socket and thigh-bones were taken to a physician in Upland and he estimated 

the bones were of a man at least nine feet tall and not weighing less than three hundred 

pounds and the man was not fleshy.

Giant Human Skeletons Discovered in Henry County, Indiana

Indiana Geological Survey, 1862
Henry County, Indiana

      About seven or eight miles west of New Castle, a number of Indian skeletons were 

disinterred in the constructing a turnpike, and about the same distance south of town some 

remarkable humans bones and skeletons of giant size were dug out, with other relics, during 

the making of the road.