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Giant Human Skeletons Discovered in Ohio


Giant Human Skeletons Discovered in Ohio

A few, of the many giant human skeletons found of the Ohio Mound Builder More giants found south of Newark, Ohio : Very Large Skeletons Discovered in Stone Burial Mounds, South Of the Newark, Ohio Earthworks  Large list of Ohio giants here : Nephilim Giant Skeletons County Map of Ohio

Giant Human Skeletons Discovered in Adams County, Ohio

The News-Herald (Hillsboro, Ohio) October 11, 1894
A remarkable cave has been discovered on the farm of James Thompson, near Winchester, Ohio.   A large flat rock was found in one of the rooms with a hollowed center, supposed to be used as a basin. It was made of rough rock resembling in its nature a common milk crock. Several bones were found of men of gigantic stature.

Giant Human Skeletons Discovered in Athens County, Ohio

Ohio Democrat (New Philadelphia, Ohio) February 24, 1871
A giant skeleton 8 feet 6 inches in length was recently found on the farm of John Buck, in Athens County, Lodi Township, in an old mound.

Giant Human Skeletons Discovered in Auglaize County, Ohio

The Washington Times, Aug 27, 1918 
    ST. MARY'S, Ohio, Aug., 27. - The skeleton remains of a giant human were excavated by a dredge near Lake St. Mary's east Bank.  The weight of the thigh bone is such that professional evidence was necessary to establish its human origin.

Giant Human Skeletons Discovered in Belmont County, Ohio

Burlington Iowa Hawk-Eye, June 7, 1893
A Human Skull Almost Twice the Size of Those of Present Day
Looks as if the Lost Race Were Croatians and Phoenicians
    The work of removing the old Indian mound in Walnut Grove, Martin’s Ferry, near Bellaire, Ohio, goes on slowly, owing to the care exercised that none of the interesting relics to be found in it to be lost. Probably the most interesting article taken from the mound is a huge skull, which would seem to indicate that in the days of the mound builders there were giants abroad.

Giant Human Skeletons Discovered in Butler County, Ohio

The Journal News (Hamilton, Ohio) March 7, 1892
Buried Alive
   A large human skeleton, face downward, was discovered in the Baptist cemetery at Trenton, while a new grave was being dug a few days ago. The indications are that the person, whose identity was unknown was buried alive.

Giant Human Skeletons Discovered in Brown County, Ohio

The History of Brown County, Ohio, 1883
   Mastodonic remains are occasionally unearthed, and, from time to time, discoveries of the remains of Indian settlements are indicated by the appearance of giant skeletons, with high cheek bones, powerful jaws and massive frames peculiar to the red man, who left these as the only record with which to form a clue to the history of past ages.

Giant Human Skeletons in Champaign County, Ohio

History of Champaign County, Ohio, 1881,
    The Baldwin Mound-this mound is located on the top of a hill lying between the North and East Forks of Buck Creek at their junction, about eight miles southeast of Urbana. Further excavation disclosed a second skeleton, with head toward the west. The bones of this skeleton were very large and strong, and those of the lower limbs in a remarkable state of preservation;...

Giant Human Skeletons Discovered in Clark County, Ohio

Springfield Daily Republic ( Springfield, Ohio) August 23, 1887
   Scientists are interested in finding today in an excavation for a sewer on Walnut Hills a section of human vertebrae, petrified, of such dimensions as to indicate that it belonged to a race of giants nine feet high.

Giant Human Skeletons Discovered in Coshocton County, Ohio

Centennial  History of Coshocton, County Ohio  1909   
   About seventy years ago a small mound near  Plainfield was opened by J.D. Workman, who found stone relics.  Another mound was opened two miles below by Wesley Pattrick, who found a skull and thigh exceptionally large.

Giant Human Skeletons Discovered in Delaware County, Ohio

Swiss Cross: A Monthly Magazine of Popular Science, 1887  
Colossal Skeleton 
   I was opening a mound near here and found traces of fire,- charred wood, with ashes. With this were portions of human skulls, also charred.  Do similar remains exit elsewhere, from which we may infer that the Mound  Builders offered human sacrifices? One skeleton taken from this mound was seven feet eight inches in height. Is this not this extraordinary?- Harold Heath, Delaware, Ohio.

Giant Human Skeleton Discovered in Fairfield County, Ohio

New Castle News (New Castle, Pennsylvania) March 31, 1927
Bones of Indian Giant Unearthed
Three Warrior's Skeletons Discovered in Fairfield County Cavern
   Lancaster. O., March 31 - The finding of the skeleton of an Indian giant eight feet tall in a cavern of the kettle hills the range in which the mummified body of an Indian princess was found recently has started a rush of treasure seekers of this series of caves. The find was made today by four brothers.

Giant Human Skeletons Discovered In Fayette County, Ohio

Springfield Daily Republic (Springfield, Ohio) June 5, 1888
A Giant Unearthed
   Passengers arrived in Springfield on the O.S. Trains this morning, say that the skeleton of a veritable giant had been unearthed by some workman, who are engaged in digging a cistern on the farm of Louis Mallow, west of Washington Courthouse. Judging from the size of the jawbone, which easily fits over the jaws of the workmen, the possessor of the skeleton must have measured eight or nine feet in height. It is not known whether the skeleton is that of an Indian or not.

Giant Human Skeletons Discovered in Franklin County, Ohio

History of the City of Columbus, 1892

   One of the most pretentious mounds in the County was that which formerly occupied the crowning point of the highland on the eastern side of the Scioto River, at the spot where now rises St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and adjoining buildings, on the southeast corner of High and Mound Streets in Columbus. Not a trace of this work is left, save the terraces of the church, although if it were yet standing as it stood a century ago, it would be remarked as one of the most imposing monuments of the original Scioto race. When the first settlers came it was regarded as a wonder, and yet it was not spared. As was usual with such works, it was in the form of a truncated cone, it's base diameter not less than a hundred feet...All who remember the opening of this mound have a mile of information to add to the story of its demolition.... the father of the late William Platt found a skull so large that it would go over his head.

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