Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Neanderthal Looking Skulls Discovered in Jay County, Indiana


Neanderthal Looking Skulls Discovered in Jay County, Indiana

For diagrams and photos of a Neanderthal hybrids done by the Smithsonian Institute see this page  www.nephilimgiants.net : Neanderthal Skull 50,000 Years Old Discovered on a Kansas Farm

     It is the opinion of some who have given the subject some study that the Twin Hills, situated just northwest of this city, was the burial place of Chief Godfrey and his Indian followers in this vicinity. In the last few weeks, more than twenty-five skeletons have been unearthed. Many of the skeletons have been found buried in sitting postures facing each other, and there is evidence of fire, which many beliefs indicate this race gave burned offerings to their gods. Charred bones have been found between the graves. It is believed these bones are of animals.

    Some are of the opinion that the skeletons are those of the mound builders. The skeletons taken from the hills seem to differ from most of the skeletons that are being found in this part of the country. No ornaments are buried with them, much as been found buried with other skeletons believed to be those of the Indians. In many other graves have been found stone pipes and tomahawks.

   O.O. Claytona city engineer, has been exhibiting a skull in the streets of the city which is of queer shape. The skull was large but not as large as many that have been found in the hills lately, he said. The front part of the head sloped back almost straight. The teeth were in good condition, considering the time they have been buried. Many of the skeletons and bones found now are on display in the office of the county surveyor.