Monday, November 7, 2022

Iroquois Fairy Stones In Northern Indiana


Iroquois Fairy Stones In Northern Indiana

This subterranean stonework is located in Wabash County, Indiana. It is the only work of its kind being a stone wall that surrounds a 5-foot depression or hole. There have been numerous reports of people seeing Fairies or Gnomes at this site. More fairies in Ohio : Fairies, Spirits and Ghosts at Burial Mound Sites
A line of stones are situated on the northern side of the stone wall with one of the stone having a large cup cut into the top. Do these stones with cups have something to do with summoning fairies?

Iroquois Fairy Stone Located in Wabash County, Indiana that is fed by a natural spring. I have evidence that the power of this stone was realized by the Masons who stole it from its original position on the Mississinewa River soon after I took this photograph. Several of these carved bowls can be found in Northern Indiana

The Iroquois had a belief that they could summon dwarfs, who were similar nature-spirits, by knocking on a certain 
[Pg 238]large stones. 

Stone bowl used by Iroquois Indians to summon Fairies from the Underworld. This photo was taken on the winter solstice sunrise where it can be seen that the bowl is perfectly aligned. It can still be seen today. "The Nephilim Chronicles: A Travel Guide to the Ancient Ruins in the Ohio Valley.