Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Map of the Adena Hopewell Ancient Geometric Earthworks in Ross County, Ohio


Map of the Ancient Geometric Earthworks in Ross County, Ohio


The map shows the locations of the Adena Hopewell mound builder's geometric earthworks in Chillicothe (Ross County), Ohio. Recently the North Fork Works and the Hopeton Works were purchased.  Plowed for years, the embankments are all but gone, but they mow the outline of the earthworks making them visible. Mound City burial mounds have been reduced in size after all of them were leveled by the Ohio Historical Society and then kind of restored.  Many giant skeletons have been discovered in the burial mounds in Chillicothe and the area. A serpent mound and giant were also found in West Virginia. : 8 Foot Human Skeletons Uncovered at a Serpentine Enclosure and Macadamized Road in West Virginia