Monday, April 17, 2023

Newark, Ohio Henge: Strawberry Fields Forever

 Newark, Ohio Henge: Strawberry Fields Forever

   A recent visit and lecture at the Newark revealed some interesting finds and new theories about the look of the ancient earthwork 2500 years ago.  Wild strawberries would have afforded three different colors in the spring, summer, and fall.  Discover the advanced mathematics of the Newark earthworks. : Advanced Mathematics and the Ancient Earthworks in the Ohio Valley

A walk through the grounds of the ancient henge reveals an impressive coverage of wild strawberries that may have been planted by those who constructed the earthwork. Wild strawberries are invasive and will eliminate most other plant growth.  They average about 3 inches in height and so would have been a good cover without occluding the general lines of the work.

In the spring during the May 1 solar alignment the embankments would have been covered in white flowers.

During the summer months, the embankment would have been covered in green with the strawberries visible.

In the fall at the time of the October 31 solar alignment the earthwork would turn a rusty red color before being covered with the winter snows.