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Giant Megalithic, Maritime Archaic Skulls Displayed in Maine


Giant Megalithic, Maritime Archaic Skulls 

Displayed in Maine

Poster from the ground breaking documentary,  The Mystery of the Lost Red Paint People. The Discovery of a Prehistoric North American Sea Culture. Stone mounds with doorway lintels and Megalithic standing stones found in North America. These megalithic structures can be found within the burial mounds in the Ohio Valley : Skeletons in Megalithic Arched Giant's Stone Tomb in Athens County, Ohio

Advanced seafaring culture lived in New England 7000 years ago.

Lewiston Evening Journal, July 25, 1907 

It is likely that the visitors of  the Tercentennial, either at Bath or at Popham, may have 

the privilege of seeing skeletons of two of the magnificent specimens of physical manhood 

such as the American Indian of the days Sebenio, Samoset, Nahanada and Sansoa really 

were. Which, being interpreted, is that when James Perkins dug the cellar of his house at 

Popham Beach, on the knoll next north of the Riverside Hotel, the skeletons unearthed, 

who were, in life from six to seven feet in height, giants in fact. Mr. Perkins took the jaw 

bone of   one of these Indians and placed it on his own face. It completely encased his jaw and 

he is a 

pretty good sized man. Mr. Perkins gathered all the bones of these two skeletons together 

and placed them in a barrel and reinterred them so. It is proposed to dig up the barrel and 

have the bones set together to illustrate what manner of inhabitants Weymouth and 

Popham discovered in the earliest years of the 17th century when they arrived in this 

section of Maine.