Thursday, April 27, 2023

Mass Grave of Giant Humans Discovered by Scientists in Pennsylvania

 Mass Grave of Giant Humans Discovered by Scientists in Pennsylvania

Many giant skeletons were discovered in Pennsylvania. Here is a mass grave of giant skeletons found within a burial mound. : Erie County Pennsylvania: Home of the Ancient Giants

Wellsboro Gazette, September 21, 1916


   Rev. George Donhue of Coudersport who is a Pennsylvania State Historian in company with Prof. A. R. Skinner of the American Indian Museum and Prof. W. K. Morehead of the Phillips Andover Academy has been conducting a research party of the valley of the Susquehanna.  They have uncovered an Indian mound at Tioga Point, on the upper portion of the Queen Esther flats, a short distance from Sayre.  In the mound were found the bodies of 68 men, which are believed to have been buried 700 years ago.  The average height of these men when the skeletons were assembled was seven feet while many were taller.  Further evidence of their gigantic size was found in large stone axes in the grave.

     Rev. Donahue and his companion way that it is the first discovery of its kind on record.  The skull and a few bones were shipped to the American Indian Museum.