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Allegheny River and Mountain Named From the Ancient Tribe of Giants


Allegheny River and Mountain Named from the Ancient Tribe of Giants

To the ancients the Allegheny River included what we know as the Ohio.  The greatest concentration of giants has been found along the "Allegheny" and its tributaries.  These were the Indo-European Amorites who were one of the accounted giant tribes in the Bible. The etymology of the word "Allegheny" whom the Algonquins called the Allogawa is "Al" High Place "Og" king of the Giants and 'Awa" or People. The people of the high place of Og.  A Seneca Indian Chief confirns this : Seneca Chief Claims Square Earthworks Were Built by White Indians

History, Manners and Customs of Indian Nations
Who Once Inhabited Pennsylvania and the Neighboring States by John Heckwelder 1876
     Alligewi, and it would seem that he is right, from the traces of their name which still remain in the the country, the Allegheny river and mountains having indubitably been named after them. The Delawares still call the former Alligewi Sipu, the River of the Alligewi. We have adopted, I know not for what reason, its Iroquois name, Ohio, which the French had literally translated into La Belle Riviere, The Beautiful River. A branch of it, however, still retains the ancient name Allegheny.
   Many wonderful things are told of this famous people. They are said to have been remarkably tall and stout, and there is a tradition that there were giants among them, people of a much larger size than the tallest of the Lenape.