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Ancient Iroquois Earthen Fort Discovered in Whitley County, Indiana


Ancient Iroquois Earthen Fort Discovered in Whitley County, Indiana

A slight outline of the earthen fort constructed by the Iroquois Indians around 800 A.D. is still slightly visible from this 1993 aerial photo.  This fort is identical to the earthen Iroquois fort in Fort Wayne, Indiana that is still visible. : Fort Wayne Indiana Iroquois Earthen Fortification 800 A.D.

From the following map, a fortification of earth once existed in the northeastern one quarter of section 11, Union Township. It has been attributed to Little Turtle, however, never has it been known for Miami Indians to build fortifications it more likely from the mound builders culture. It has never been known as a village site and was only the site of a trading post in the 18th century. It seems more plausible that their fortification is in the series of semi-circular forts that runs east to Toledo on the St. Joseph and Maumee River.

Fort Wayne, News Sentinel, July 1931

Traces of Fort Remain

      Another spot of interest is the place on the old Alexander Moore farm in Union Township where Little Turtle built a home and fort of great savage luxury and proportions. The home was on a bluff at the edge of the Eel River and was surrounded on all sides by fortifications thrown up by him and by his men. Some of the traces of this fort are still visible and disclose much interest to lovers of Indian lore. The chief moved to this place after he was forced to leave Turtle Village because of the desertion of his followers.