Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Nephilim Skeletal Remains and Solar Temple (Henge) in Delaware County, Indiana

 Nephilim Skeletal Remains and Solar Temple (Henge) in Delaware County, Indiana

Large henge or solar temple located in Delaware County, Indiana.  Wherever these henges or earthen solar temples are found there will always be historical accounts of giant human skeletal remains. Many of the henges were used using the Babylonia numerical codex of Gematria. See how Gematia was used in our nations Capital!  www.nephilimgiants.net : Nephilim Gematria Numerology and the Washington Monument 555 and 666

Indiana Geological Survey,1881
Delaware County, Indiana
The Indians used many of the hills as burial places; bones have been discovered which from their size would indicate that they belonged to a race of giants. For all the giants found in Indiana you can refer to this map of the giants found: county by county www.nephilimgiants.net : Indiana's Nephilim Giants Map