Monday, August 21, 2023

Babylonian Numerology at the Piketon, Ohio Sacred Via


Babylonian Numerology at the Piketon, Ohio Sacred Via

The Piketon Sacred Via was constructed using the numerological codex of Gematria as was many other earthworks in Ohio. The length of the via was 1080 feet, a number that is replicated in many of the square earthworks around Chillicothe, Ohio.  The width was 215 feet is found in an sun temple at New Castle, Indiana and a vesica pisca shaped work at Mounds State Park in Anderson, Indiana.   For more photos of the Piketon, Ohio burial mounds : Rare Photo of the Piketon, Ohio Sacred Via

The numerology codex of Gematria used at the Piketon Sacred Via is consistent with other earthworks in the Ohio Valley that used numbers 666, 660 and 1080 to represent the Sun and Earth Mother gods.

  The general terrain is still evident at the via that terminated at the drop off to the north and west, called Switzers Point..  Was this symbolic of the transition from a Upper to Lower world?

1910 photo looking north towards the sacred via that can still be seen on left.

Adena burial mounds located at the southern terminus of the sacred via.