Friday, September 29, 2023

Large Human Skeletons Mark the Site of an Ancient Battle in Illinois


Large Human Skeletons Mark the 

Site of an Ancient Battle in Illinois

Many giant skeletons were discovered in Illinois. One large skeleton was discovered at Cahokia in a King's : Cahokia's Giant King's Stone Tomb Uncovered in East St.Louis. 

Los Angeles Herald, November 4, 1891
     A mound containing the skeletons of several prehistoric people has been discovered on a farm near Carthage, Ill. The skeletons lay in all conceivable positions and are supposed to be those of warriors who fell in battle. It is believed that the farm is the site of an ancient battlefield. The skeletons are of unusual size and the teeth in the skulls are larger than those of ordinary human beings. The authorities of Carthage college have received permission to explore the cave and a noted antiquarian has been sent for to aid in the investigation.