Saturday, February 3, 2024

Glenford, Ohio Adena Stone Enclosure


Glenford, Ohio Adena Stone Enclosure 

The gateway or sacred via leads to a break in the stone wall to enter into the ceremonial area. Early reports claim this via was topped by a very large slab of stone.  The stone wall was not constructed to keep anything out, but to keep the ancient spirits within the walls.  This is my number one spot to conduct a paranormal investigation in Ohio.  Glenford Fort is now open to the public.  Adena Hopewell Mound Builders in the Ohio Valley: Glenford Adena Stone Ceremonial Center To Open To Public (

Aerial photo of the Glenford stone enclosure that was no intended to keep anything out but to keep the spirits within.

Much of the stone wall that was originally six feet in height was hauled off by locals, but the wall is still visible in many spots along the edge of the hilltop.

Only a part of the massive stone burial mound was visible several years ago. The mound has since been restored.