Thursday, February 29, 2024

Maritime Archaic (5,000 B.C. -3500 B.C.) Tools in Europe and America Were Identical


Maritime Archaic (5,000-3500 B.C.) Tools in Europe and America Were Identical

     Artifacts from the Baltic and the Maritime of the Northeast American continent are so similar that experts cannot tell them apart.  Skeleton from the Maritime Archaic were found in Florida who were Caucasians. : Windover, Florida Skeletons (5,000 B.C.) DNA Determined to Be European According to Dr. Jospeh Lorenze from the Coriell Institute of Medical Research

On the left, a series of tools from the Maritime people in Sweden, and on the right, tools from the Maritime people from Maine. The most prolific tools are the celt and the gouge which were used in the production of boats or dugouts. Plummets are also found in abundance in the Baltic as well as the eastern and western shores of North America. In the west, they are called “charm stones.”

Charm stones from coastal California. Pentagonal pendants, bar amulet and charm stones are identical; to artifacts associated with early Point Peninsula Iroquois in the Great Lakes region . Identical artifacts can be found associated with the Maritime Archaic of Northern Europe.