Monday, April 29, 2024

University of Pennsylvania Geologist Discover Giant Humans in West Virginia With Bronze Coins


University of Pennsylvania Geologist Discover Giant Humans in West Virginia With Bronze Coins

Burial mound located in Boaz, West Virginia.  Almost all of the burial mounds excavated in West Virginia contained the remains of giant human skeletons.

Ogden Standard-Examiner, Sunday, November 09, 1930

   Incidentally, an interesting discovery of giant human skeletons in a mound in West Virginia was made recently by a group of the University of Pennsylvania Geologists.  The find is particularly significant.  For the giant skeleton, besides being surrounded by crude jewelry and stone implements and what must have been woven coverings was buried with copper and bronze coins having indecipherable inscriptions.
   The mounds of the Ohio Valley have proven that there were "giants in those days."  Out of all these facts, some bewildering, some illuminating, one point seems to stand out: that the race has gone to the species of the fittest brains.  The great dinosaurs succumbed to the keen intelligence of the little possum.  The powerful human giants disappeared and in their place rose men of less physical stature but with increasing brain power.