Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stone Circles, Early Nephilim Megalithic Remains in North America

Stone Circles, Early Nephilim Megalithic Remains in North America

Another megalithic tomb was discovered in North Carolina with a large skeleton. : Large Skeleton Within a Megalithic Beehive Tomb in North Carolina

State Centennial History of the County of Ross Ohio 1902
To the south of this, about two hundred yards, is a stone circle one hundred feet in diameter and five or six feet high. In the center of this is a large stone mound some ten feet high.
This work was located in Huntington township, on the east side of Black Run, 200 yards south of the old Minney farm.

Ft Wayne, Indiana News Sentinel Feb. 2, 1935
Rendezvous of Cave Men is Found Near Hamilton (Indiana)
A Natural amphitheatre several hundred feet across have been formed on the Kugler farm in what is apparently a dried up stream bed. The old course of the creek has left a level site hemmed in on three sides by hills and rocks which would have made an ideal protected meeting place for early tribesmen. As the land in the enclosure is very rocky, attempts to clean the old stream bed have been unsuccessful. Numerous stones and stone implements were apparently planted there.
Immediately inside the opening of the amphitheatre is a circle of large stones Measuring about 12 feet in diameter, surrounded by a larger circle of stones about forty foot in diameter.
The land surrounding the opening was prior to the visitation of curiosity seekers, well laiden with arowheads, grinding stones, stone axes and other implements.

The Aborigines of Minnesota by N.H. Winchell 1911
Boulder Circles, S.W. 1/4 sec. 20 T. 109-45. There are a few double bolder circles, one within the other. There are a few others further north, bordering the lake.(Lake Benton) Medicine County.

American Academy of Science
Mentions two stone circles in New York. No locations were given.