Thursday, June 21, 2012

Giant Humans with Primitive Neanderthal Skulls Found in Wales

Giant Humans with Primitive Neanderthal Skulls Found in Wales

This type of "primitive" skull type has been found across the northern latitudes associated with the Maritime Archaic.  One of the burial rituals that is found within these primitive giants was the use of red ochre. For an archeological report where this type fo skull was found : Giant Neanderthal Hybrids of Northern Europe and North America 

Phoenician Origins of Britons and Scots, 1925

   And it was presumably early pioneer stragglers of this same Nordic race at the end of the Old Stone Age who are represented by the "Red Man" of Paviland Cave, in the Gower peninsula of Wales, of the mammoth age, and the "Kneiss Chief " in the stone cist at Keiss (Kassi?) in Caithness. Both of these are interred with rude stone weapons and are of the superior and artistic Cro-Magnon type of early men, which seems to have been the proto-Nordic or proto-Aryan. Indeed, the association of the Keiss chief had a cranium described by Huxley: The Keiss chief is described by Laing as "tall man of very massive proportions", lying extended with face to the East. Huxley found his cranial index was 76, with projecting eyebrow ridges which gave the forehead a "receding" aspect and the forehead "low and narrow."      

                                          Giant Human Remains From The British Isles and Europe