Monday, May 13, 2013

Ancient 9 Foot Human Skeleton Discovered in Derbyshire, England

Ancient 9-foot Human Skeleton discovered in Derbyshire, England

The skulls of the giant humans found in England are identical to those in the Ohio Valley. For a side by side comparison see this post : Northern European Cro-Magnon Origins of Ohio's Mound Builders. These Two Skull Are Identical! Stop the Lies

 Dr. Robert Bigsby, in his exhaustive History of Repton, in Derbyshire, 1854, gives us an account of the discovery, in 1687, of an extraordinary grave in Allen's-close, Repton, which contained a skeleton nine feet long, within a stone coffin, with one hundred other skeletons round it. Dr. Simon Degge collected in the year 1729 as many facts relating to the event as he could, and subsequently communicated them to the Royal Society. The following particulars, derived from the Philosophical Transactions for 1734, relate to the discovery. Degge says that Thomas Walker, a laborer, eighty -eight years old, gave him this account: "About forty years since, cutting hillocks near the surface, he met with an old stone wall; when, clearing further, he found it to be a square enclosure of fifteen feet. It had been covered ; but the top was decayed and fallen in, being only supported by wood joists. In this he found a stone coffin ; and, with difficulty removing the cover, saw the skeleton of a human body nine feet long, and round it one hundred skeletons of the ordinary size, laid with the feet pointing to the stone coffin. The head of the great skeleton he gave to Mr. Bowes, master of the free school. I enquired of his son, one of the present masters, concerning it; but it is lost; yet he says he remembers the skull in his father's closet, and that he had often heard his father mention this gigantic corpse, and thinks that the skull was in proportion to a body of that stature. The bottom of this dormitory was covered with broad flat stones, and in the wall was a door-case, with steps to go down to it, whose entrance was forty yards nearer the church and river. The steps and stone were much worn. It is in a close on the north side of the church; and over this repository grows a sycamore tree, planted by the old man when he filled in the earth. The present owner will not suffer it to be opened, the lady of the manor having forbidden it. This was attested to us by several old persons who had seen and measured the skeleton." Dr. Bigsby adds : " This ancient sepulchre was again opened in 1787, when the bones of a very gigantic