Friday, June 11, 2021

Northern European Cro-Magnon Origins of Ohio's Mound Builders. These Two Skull Are Identical! Stop the Lies


Northern European Cro-Magnon Origins of Ohio's Mound Builders

Maritime Archaic European Cro-Magnon skull is on the left with the large skull from California on the right. The domes, eye sockets, zygomatic bones, Mandibles, chins are all identical. In addition to the large size of the skull and skeleton.  The same European skulls uncovered at Mounds State Park in Indiana 

    The origin of the Maritime Archaic in North America was from Northern Europe. Marija Gimbutas, the foremost expert in European prehistory believed that the Maritime Archaic had spread to North America. My evidence certainly corroborates that conclusion. The Maritime Archaic's material culture, burial types and more importantly the skull types are identical in North America and Northern Europe. Despite archaeologists distancing themselves from using the term “CroMagnon,” the skull types associated with this Archaic type of human is the best qualifier for the description of the Maritime Archaic. The Cro-magnon skull is dolichocephalic (long), the jaw prognathous (protruding), the nose flat and the supraorbital ridges (brow ridges) pronounced.

    Northern European burials included red ochre along with other grave goods similar to what is found in North America. Dogs are found buried with children in both Northern Europe and graves associated with North America's Maritime Archaic; the purpose believed to be that the dog would protect the child in the afterlife and it had in this. More important is that the skull types are identical.

Artifacts, burial types and skeletal types eventually spread into the Ohio Valley, where they are identified with the Adena mound builders. On the left are charm stones from a burial mound in Coschocton County, Ohio.

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