Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Giant 8 Foot Roman Emperor Maximus

The Giant 8 Foot Emperor Maximus

Large skeletons have been found across Europe so it's not inconceivable that Maximus was that great height. The ancient giants of Europe made their way to north America as this sise by side comparison of skulls will reveal : Northern European Cro-Magnon Origins of Ohio's Mound Builders. These Two Skull Are Identical! Stop the Lies

The emperor Maximus was about eight feet and a half or nine feet high; he was also of great bulk; and was in the habit of using his wife's bracelet for a thumb-ring. His shoe was a foot longer than that of any other man. His strength was so great, that he was able to draw a carriage which two oxen could not move. He could strike out a horse's teeth with a blow of his fist, and break its thigh with a kick. He generally ate forty pounds' weight of flesh, and drank six gallons of wine, every day. Before he became emperor he overcame sixteen slaves in run ning, one after the other. He then kept up with the emperor on horseback, and having fatigued him in the course, he was opposed by seven of the most active soldiers, and easily conquered them.