Monday, March 17, 2014

Marion County, West Virginia Giant's Graves

Marion County, West Virginia Giant's Graves

There are numerous accounts of giant skeletons being discovered in Marion County, West Virginia

Now and Long Ago, 1969

     Near Smithtown, on lands of John C. Malone, is an Indian burying place, located under an overhanging rock, close to White Day Creek.  A  number of bones and skeletons have been taken from this ancient cemetery, by Dr. Kramer and others.

    In September, 1882, a large skeleton was unearthed in the district by F.M. Fetty and wife.  It was in a sitting position, in a rock grave, walled up with loose stones.  In the summer of 1883, James Faulkner and others found an unusually large skeleton in the district.  It is said to be that of a man whose stature was not less than seven feet, and who evidently belonged to prehistoric times. (Dr. Kramer measured the skeleton and found it to be seven-feet-four inches long, and supposed its owner, when living, must have been almost eight feet tall.

   At Rivesville once upon a time three giant skeletons were found while excavating for a new bridge, and this discovery coupled with other things nearby indicated to historians that the section was once the home of an ancient tribe of Indians.  Each of the skeletons found was more than seven feet long, and the men themselves must have been several inches taller.