Monday, January 13, 2020

The Plains, Ohio High School in Athens County Built over a Giant's Burial Mound With Giants Surrounding the School

The Plains, Ohio High School in Athens County Built over a Burial Mound 

Athens, Ohio High School where a mound once existed. This was an incredible find of giants in Athens, County, Ohio
Athens Messenger, August 6, 1903
The Silent Witness of a Gigantic Prehistoric Race, Long Agone
Wolf's Plains Was the Central Place for the Tribes Who Built Numerous Mounds
What Became of the Mound Builders?
   Wolf's Plains has long been noted for its many mounds, which seem indicative of its having been a central place for the tribes of a people who built them. While a great many of the mounds have been almost obliterated by repeated plowing, yet quite a number remain to give us an idea of their original form and size. It is not known what the exact use of the mounds was, yet the fact that in nearly everyone that is opened are found skeletons and various trinkets and copper and stone vessels seems to throw some light on the subject. Some claim that they were used as places of burial, but they were evidently used for a variety of purposes.
   The Plain's school rests on one of these mounds, which has been plowed and worked down to make it suitable for that purpose. During the process of lowering it, numerous trinkets and vessels were unearthed, among which was a particular article consisting of two rings of copper beads between pieces of buckskin. All was in a perfect state of preservation when found, but the air soon changed the buckskin to dust.
   A prominent farmer, who not long since passed away and from whose name could easily be given, if necessary kept plowing around the mound until he had nearly plowed it down. Near the bottom, he unearthed the skeleton of a man who had been buried in an erect position. Charcoal was found near the skeleton, showing that for some reason a fire had been made near the deceased. These remains are always men of great stature.

   When the Hocking Valley Railroad was being built it was found necessary to remove a portion of one of the nearby hills, or to make a 'cut,' and for this purpose, a huge steam shovel was employed. While at work they found the ancient cemetery. From the skeletons, it is evident that the men were very large. It is said that the bones reaching from the knee to the ground were almost a foot longer than that of the average man of today. These facts, which will be well remembered by many of the older people, indicate that this county was originally inhabited by a race of people of whom we have not the slightest knowledge, except what is contained in their mounds and cemeteries.  For a larger list of giants discovered in  Ohio, follow this link to another of my blogs