Monday, February 1, 2021

Ohio Giant's Skull Type Found in an England Burial Mound

 Ohio Giant Skull Type Found in an England Burial Mound

The Adena mound builders of the Ohio Valley have the same rounded or brachycephalic skull with prominent brow-ridges and powerful jaws as those the Beaker People of the British Isles. Some of the Adena burial in Ohio were also in stone cists.

Giant skull from the Ohio Valley with the same unique shape as those found in the burial mounds across the British Isles associated with the Beaker People.

The Evolution Of An English Town 1922

A complete skeleton in a stone cist is now lying in a glass case in the museum. It was discovered accidentally by a farmer between Appleton-le-Moor and Spaunton. He had decided to remove a huge stone that had been an obstacle when plowing, and in doing so found that he had removed the top stone of a cist belonging to the early Bronze Age. The man has a round or brachycephalic skull with the prominent brow-ridges and powerful jaws of the Celtic (Beaker People) people, and his right arm was arranged so that the hand was beneath the skull. By his left hand was the food vessel that is now placed on the left side of the skull, and at his feet are a number of small bronze studs or rivets.
These Bronze Age men seem to have had a very general belief in the spirit world, for the dead warrior was buried with his weapons as well as food so that he might be sustained while he hunted in the other world with the spirit of his favorite ax or spear. The museum contains examples of socketed bronze celts and spearheads, as well as an infinite variety of arrowheads, flint knives, stone hammers and celts, and also colored beads and other ornaments.