Thursday, May 13, 2021

European Upper Paleolithic Skulls With Occipital Bun Described in a New York, Burial Mound

 European Upper Paleolithic Skulls with Occipital Bun Described in a New York, Burial Mound

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Northern European Europid para-group of Cro-Magnon and Nordics, all mostly tall-statured and depigmented, and cohabitant in relative intermixture. Not primarily a phylogenetic entity. The appearance of long-headed skulls with an occipital bun in the Ohio burial mounds suggests that they Adena had a Nordic origin.

The Occipital Bun occurred in
 Early European Upper Paleolithic populations.  This is the only known population in the era of the time of Ohio the mound builders that had this skull trait. The images above are skulls from northern Europe.  I have found no Native American tribes that had skulls with Occipital buns. 

History of Jefferson County, N.Y., 1878
This singular peculiarity, with that of broad flat jaws, retreating forehead, and great the prominence of the occiput, which was common to most of these skulls, may hereafter afford some clue to their history.