Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Human Giants Skulls Discovered on Vancouver Island, B.C., Donated to the Smithsonian


Human Giants Skulls Discovered on Vancouver Island, B.C., Donated to the Smithsonian

Skull flattening of the Flatheads may have been influenced by the Adena (Nephilim) from the Ohio Valley. The large size of the skeleton is likely that of the Adena and not of the Flathead tribe. For more on Canada and the mound builders. More giant skeletons found in Vancouver, Canada www.nephilimgiants.net : Ancient Giant Human Remains Discovered on Vashon, Island, Washington

    Captain Newton H. Chittenden of Santa Barbara, California, yesterday presented to the Smithsonian Institution the skull of an aboriginal giant, which he found on the southern shore of Vancouver Island, B. C., about a week ago.  The specimen which is that of a Flathead Indians was obtained by the owner at great personal risk, and he has long treasured it as priceless.  It has been the object of great interest among the many European anthropologists who have seen it and many have offered great sums to tempt Capt. Chittenden to part with it, but until yesterday he persistently declined.