Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Light Colored People From the East was the Origin of the Ohio Mound Builders According to the Shawnee


Light Colored People from the East was the Origin of the Ohio Mound Builders According to the Shawnee

Almost all of the Native American tribes east of the Mississippi concur in their legends that the Ohio Valley mound builders were a light skinned people from the east. The religion of the Ohio mound builders was identical to that being practiced by the ancient Celtic druids.

The History and Mysteries of the Kanawha Valley, 1898
   There was a tradition among the Indians of the Ohio valley, in the last century, that in the long, long ago, how many moons they knew not, a race of white or light colored people, in large numbers, coming originally from the east, had dwelt in this valley, and along the Ohio river; but had been gradually driven westward by their more war-like neighbors; their numbers being greatly diminished as they went, until, in a pitched battle near the falls of the Ohio, they were nearly exterminated; when the remnant, of a few hundred, took refuge on an island some distance below the falls; where their enemies, following up their advantage, again attacked them in force, and slaughtered them to a man. Color is given to this story by the fact that the ear ly white settlers found vast numbers of bones on this island. Gen. Geo. Rodgers Clark says that Tobacco, a noted Indian Chief, related this story to him; a Sac chief told the same to Col. Joe Daviess; and Cornstalk and other Indians told it to Col. Moore and Col. McKee at Point Pleas ant. (See Collin's History of Ky.) Paddy Huddlestone, one of the early settlers here in the last century, and who died not many years ago, said the Indians told him that this valley had long before been occupied by a white race. Who these people were, where they came from and what degree of civilization and art they possessed can never be known; but they offer one more to the list of possible authors of this image, however improbable either, or all of them may seem.