Friday, November 4, 2022

Man Claims to Have Seen the Ghost of Chief Yellow Hair. Evidence of Great Slaughter at the Falls of the Ohio.


Man Claims to Have Seen the Ghost of Chief Yellow Hair.  Evidence of Great Slaughter at the Falls of the Ohio.  

The Land was Where the 50 Stone King's Tombs Were Discovered

     The school history of Kentucky says when the first white settlers arrived at Louisville they found piles of human skeletons on Corn Island, and some are found there now. To the early settlers, it appeared that there had been a great battle fought and that one tribe had been entirely wiped out. All of the skeletons were those of people of medium stature, save one, that of a man, and he must have been seven feet high. On the banks of the falls to this day are found thousands of Indian arrows and spearheads, with an occasional battle-ax, and once a stone owl was found that had probably been fashioned by one of the prehistoric people. This description represents the concrete facts and is the corroborative evidence of the weird tale told by Mrs. Kelly and her ancestors in their mystic chant of the vanishing of a strange race of people. The story had better be given in her own words to the writer of this narrative.

     Valentine Kelly, who was a Spiritualist, told the writer that he was once standing in a shed near the royal tombs when a gigantic white man with yellow hair peered in at the window. He said he saw him, as clearly as could be, for it was broad daylight and he could not have made a mistake. However, Mr. Kelly was a firm believer in ghosts and hobgoblins, and it may be that he did not actually see Yellow Hair, but he believed to the time of his death that he had seen him. He permitted Prof. Green and the writer to open two of the graves on his farm, but stopped further excavating, as he said the scientist would soon dig up the best part of his farm if he permitted them to do so. But there were originally 50 of the tombs and now more than 40 remains. The high water washed away some of them, and two were opened by man.