Friday, November 4, 2022

Red and Blonde Haired Mound Builders of European Origin


Red and Blonde Haired Mound Builders

History of Kentucky 1874  
    Did the mound builder have red hair?  "The scalp, with small exceptions," says Mitchell, somewhat vaguely, "is covered with sorrel or foxy hair."  "The color of the hair" says the writer, on page 159, Vol II under Edmonson County, "was a dark red:" and Bradford, describing the mummies found on the Cumberland River in Tennessee, and in the Mammoth Cave and other caverns of Kentucky, says that the hair was "generally of the color varying from brown to yellow and red."  This testimony would seem to be conclusive as to the prevailing tint of Aboriginal hair and might be hastily accepted as confirmatory of the theory which ascribes to the Mound-builders a European origin.