Friday, November 4, 2022

Wayne County, Indiana Panduriform Henge Revealed


Wayne County, Indiana Panduriform Henge Revealed

   What was once thought as a circular henge has been revealed as a panduriform shaped earthwork.  This was revealed in Lidar imagery of the henge and earthwork site located north of Cambridge City, Indiana. The importance of this find is the fact that a panduriform shaped earthwork is found at both the New Castle and Anderson Indiana henge sites. Another Panduriform earthwork can be found just twenty miles away at Mounds State Park   For a complete tour of Mounds State Park : One of the Best Prehistoric Sites to Visit in the Ohio Valley at Mounds State Park, Anderson, Indiana

The panduriform shape of the northern henge is distinguishable in this Lidar image.

This is the diagram of the henge site done by the Indiana Geological Survey that depicted the henge as a circular work.

This photograph of the Panduriform henge is looking north.  Only a slight undulation in the field is visible in this plowed field. These antiquities are not protected by the Indiana Historical Society nor noted as historic sites.

The southern Henge is circular in shape and in better condition.  This antiquity continues to be reduced