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Finding Of a Giant Skeleton that Measured Over Eight Feet in Length in the Fitchville, Ohio Cemetery

Finding Of a Giant Skeleton that Measured Over Eight Feet in Length in the Fitchville, Ohio Cemetery

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The Evening Telegram, Norwalk Ohio, February 28, 1910


    Norwalk, O., Feb 25-What is believed to be the skeleton of a prehistoric giant, was unearthed in the cemetery in Fitchville. The skeleton of another human being that is thought to have been buried at the same time also was unearthed.
The discovery of the bones was made by Cornelius Springfield of Fitchville cemetery, while he was engaged in digging a grave for the remains of John Laughlin, an aged pioneer resident of Fitchville.
The Laughlin family burial lot in the Fitchville cemetery has been owned by the Laughlin family for the past seventy-five years, and a large number of members of the family have been buried there. The cemetery is located on a high piece of ground and the Laughlin lot is located on the highest point in the cemetery, a sort of a mound.
     Springfield had dug down to a depth of about six feet when his spade struck against some hard substance. Scraping away the dirt Springfield was surprised to find that he had unearthed a portion of a human skeleton. Continuing his work, he soon had the entire skeleton unearthed. The skeleton, which was intact and in an excellent state of preservation lay on its back, with both arms extended out at right angles with the body, showing that it had never been enclosed in a coffin. In order to unearth the bones of the arms and hands and legs it was necessary to dig into the sides and one end of the grave for quite a distance.
     When the skeleton was finally entirely uncovered it was seen to be that of a giant man, which when measured, proved to be about eight feet in length. Springfield is a man of average height, but the hip bones of the skeleton were found to be fully six inches longer than his are. The other bones of the skeleton were proportionately long. The teeth were in sound condition. The cheekbones were wide, and the skull tapered up to a peak, the forehead slanting upward.
After the skeleton of the giant had been removed from the grave Springfield continued has work of digging, and had reached the depth of about eight inches more when he unearthed another skeleton that had been lying directly underneath that of the first. The second skeleton was not as long as the first, being between five and six feet in height.
    There is no doubt that the two bodies were buried years before the land there was begun to be used as a modern cemetery, and from the immense size of the skeletons that was first unearthed and the shape of the skull, it is thought that the skeleton must be those of prehistoric human beings.