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Megalithic Cairns Described in Victoria, British Columbia


Megalithic Cairns Described in Victoria, British Columbia

Bronze Age cairn on Beacon Hill in Victoria, British Columbia. 

Bancroft's Native Races Vol IV, 1882

Ancient Sacred Via in British Columbia

    In addition to the mounds, Mr. Deans states that earth-works very similar to those found in the eastern states are found at many localities in British Columbia. Indeed, he has sent me several plans, cut from Squier's work on the antiquities of New York, which by a simple change in the names of creeks and in the scale would represent equally well the north-western works. At Beacon Hill, near Victoria, a point one hundred feet high extends three hundred feet into the sea; an embankment with a ditch still six feet deep, stretches across on the land side and protects the approach; there are low mounds on the enclosed area, the remnants of ancient dwellings, and down the steep banks are heaps of shells, with ashes, bones of sea-fowl, deer, elk, and bears, among which are some spear and arrow points, needles, etc. On the summit of Beacon Hill, nearby, are burial cairns of the usual type.