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University of Oklahoma Anthropologists Discover Giant Skeletons Near the Spiro Oklahoma Mounds


University of Oklahoma Anthropologists Discover Giant Skeletons Near the Spiro Oklahoma Mounds 

A masss grave of giants was also found in Oklahoma. More here : Human Giant's Graveyard Revealed in Oklahoma

Reading Eagle, May 24, 1937
Skeletons of Indians Over Seven Feet Tall
   Norman, Oklahoma, May 24, (U.P.) - Six giant skeletons of a strange tribe of Indians more than seven feet tall have been uncovered along the banks of the Washita River, in South Central Oklahoma. Dr. Forrest E. Clements head of the department of anthropology of the University of Oklahoma, disclosed today.
   The skeletons are all well preserved were found by Dr. Clements and members of his party yesterday. He believed the find might lead to the discovery of a race of Indians whose existence was unknown to anthropologists.
   He estimated the race existed 750 years ago. Four of the skeletons were of adults, and two of children. The collapse of a section of the riverbank along the Washita 10 days ago led to the discovery. A farmer found a skull and notified authorities. More giants discovered in Oklahoma by the University of Oklahoma : The University of Oklahoma Anthropologists Discovers Giant Human Skeletons

WPA workers digging into the Spiro Mounds

Miami Daily Record (Miami, Oklahoma) June 24, 1937
Indian Mounds Being Excavated in State
   Oklahoma City, June 24 – (AP) – Excavation work on former Indian sites by relief laborers had yielded four new mounds, 25 caches, and 53 individual graves in three Oklahoma counties, WPA officials said today.
   Twenty WPA clients turned up the mounds in Delaware County near the grove. The caches held pottery, implements of war, the hunt, and agriculture. On the banks of the Washita River in Garvin county near Wynnewood, 19 WPA workers are employed.
Digging was begun there recently when a skeleton of a seven-foot man was unearthed. A burial ground and village site were discovered at depths down to 11 feet. Six other skeletons have been taken from the ground. In addition bones of bison, deer, bear, beaver, and turkey were revealed, as were the graves.
    The 53 graves were discovered in LeFlore county near Spiro where 86 WPA clients are digging.
Many of the burial mound at the Spiro mounds were completely leveled during the excavations.

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