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8 Foot Nephilim Giant Uncovered in Cass County, Indiana


8 Foot Nephilim Giant Uncovered in Cass County, Indiana

Giant human skeletons were found all accross Indiana, here is a list of twelve giants discovered in Indiana : Indiana University Archaeologists Desecrate Oto Sioux Burial Mound

The Elwood Free Press (Elwood, Indiana) April 6, 1899
Giant Skeletons Unearthed

     Wabash, Ind., March 29. - The workmen of the Pan-Handle railroad gravel train unearthed the skeletons of what appears to have been a human giant in the pit in Noble township, Cass County. It was found two feet below the surface of the ground and the bones were detached from one another, all however, being of prodigious size. In life the giant, judging from the remains of his framework, must have been more than eight feet tall.