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Erie County Pennsylvania: Home of the Ancient Giants


Erie County Pennsylvania: Home of the Ancient Giants

Map of the giant skeletons discovered in Ohio by county map www.nephilimgiants.net : Map of Nephilim Giants Discovered in Ohio: 125 Historical Accounts

Eleven Foot Human Giant Discovered in an Erie County, Pennsylvania Burial Mound

History of Erie County, Pennsylvania, 1884 
      On the John Pomeroy place, upon the second flat of Conneaut Creek, are the traces of an ancient mound, such as exist in Girard, Springfield, Harbor Creek, Fairview, Wayne, and other townships of the county. It is circular in form, inclosing about three-fourths of an acre. The embankment, when the country was cleared up, was about three feet high by six feet thick at the base, with large trees growing upon it. One of these trees, a mammoth oak, when cut down, indicated by its rings an age of five hundred years. Beneath the tree the skeleton of a human being was taken up which measured eleven feet from head to foot, the jawbone easily covered that of a man who weighed over 200 pounds, and the lower bone of the leg, being compared with that of a person who was six feet four inches in height, was found to be nearly a foot longer. Another circle of a similar character existed on the Taylor farm-now owned by J. L. Strong.

Strange Race of Giants Killed in Battle Discovered in Erie County, Pennsylvania

History of Erie County, Pennsylvania Illustrated, 1884
   Many indication have been found in the county proving conclusively that it was once peopled by a different race from the Indians who were found here when it was first visited by white men. When the link of the Erie and Pittsburgh Railroad from the Lake shore road to the dock at Erie was in the process of construction, the laborers dug into a great mass of bones at the crossing of the public road which runs by the rolling mill. From the promiscuously way in which they were thrown together, it is surmised that a terrible battle must have taken place at some day, so far distant that not even a tradition of the event has been preserved. The skulls were flattened and the foreheads were were seldom more than an inch in width. The bodies were in a sitting posture, and were no traces that garments, weapons or ornaments had been buried with them. On account of the superstitious notions that prevailed among the workmen, none of the skeletons were preserved, the entire collection as far as was exposed being thrown into the embankment further down the road. At a later date, when the roadway of the Philadelphia and Erie railroad, where it passes through the Warfel farm, was being widened, another deposit of bones was dug up and summarily disposed of as before. Among the skeletons was one of a giant, side by side with a smaller one, probably that of his wife. The arm and leg bones of this Native American Goliath were about one-half longer than the tallest man among the laborers; the skull was immensely large; the lower jawbone easily slipped over the face and whiskers of a full face man, and the teeth were in a perfect state of preservation.

Nine Foot Human Giant Discovered in Erie County, Pennsylvania

History of Erie County, Pennsylvania Illustrated, 1884
    Another skeleton was dug up in Conneaut Township some years ago, which was quite remarkable in its dimensions. As in the other instance, a comparison was made with the largest man in the neighborhood, and the jawbone readily covered his face, while the lower bone of his leg was nearly a foot longer than the one with which it was measured, indicating that the man must have been eight to ten feet in height. The bones of a flat head were turned up in the same township some two years ago with a skull of unusual size.

Graveyard of Ancient Giants Discovered in Erie County, Pennsylvania

History of Erie County, Pennsylvania Illustrated 1884
   An ancient graveyard was discovered in 1820, on the land known as the Drs. Carter and Dickenson places in Erie, which created quite a sensation at the time. Dr. Albert Thayer dug up some of the bones, and all indicated a race of beings of immense size.

150 Giant Human Skeletons Discovered in an Erie County, Pennsylvania Cave
Scene of a Great Battle

Greenville Advance Argus, Greenville, Pennsylvania  June 11, 1885
Giant Human Skeletons Found
   J. H. Porter has a farm near Northeast Erie county, Pa., not many miles from where the Lake Shore Railroad crosses the New York State boundary line. This week some workmen in Mr. Porters employ came upon the entrance to to a cave, and on entering it, found heaps of bones within. Many skeletons were complete, and exhibited to the naturalists and archaeologists of the neighborhood. They informed the wondering bystanders that the remains were unmistakably those of giants. The entire village of Northeast was aroused by the discovery, and Sunday  hundreds of people from Erie took advantage' of their holiday visit to the scene.  It was at first conjectured that the remains were those of soldiers killed in battle with Indians that abounded in the vicinity during the last century but the size of the skulls and the length of the leg bones dispelled the theory- So far about a hundred and fifty giant skeletons of powerful proportions have been exhumed and indications point to a second cave eastward, which may probably contain as many more. Scientists who have exhausted skeletons and made careful measurements of the bones say they are a race of gigantic creatures, compared with which our tallest men would appear as pigmies.  There are now arrow heads, stone hatchets or other implements of war with the bodies. Some of the bones are on exhibition at various stores. One is as thick as a good-sized bucket.

Giant Human Skeleton Discovered Near an Ancient Fort in Erie County, Pennsylvania

History of Erie County Pennsylvania from its Settlement, 1894
    There are also remains of an Indian fort between Girard and Springfield. From a grave in this vicinity, some years ago, a thigh bone was exhumed which measured four inches longer than that of a man with which it was compared, who was six feet and two inches in height.
In Scoalers woods, east of Erie, is an Indian burial ground. Mr. Frederick Zimmerman described a very large skeleton, which was found there; with it were two copper bowls perforated at the edges and laced together with a buckskin thong, which fell to dust soon after being exposed to the air. The bowls, which would contain about a pint each, were found filled with beads.

Ancient Earthwork Reveals More Giant Skeletons in Erie County, Pennsylvania

Twentieth Century History of Erie County, Pennsylvania, Vol. I, 1909

    Among the best known is that found in Wayne Township a short distance from Courey, which consist of a circular embankment of earth surrounded by a trench from which the earth had been dug, the whole enclosing about three acres. Smaller than the Wayne mound or circle is that of the John Pomeroy place on Conneaut Creek, near Albion. It encloses an area of a little less than an acre, and the embankment of this was three feet high and six feet broad at the base. On the same farm is an interesting mound a hundred feet long and fifty feet wide by twenty-five feet high. There are stories of finding the skeletons of giants in one of the Conneaut Township mounds.