Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Equinox Solar Alignment at the New Castle, Indiana Henge Site

 Equinox Solar Alignment at the New Castle, Indiana Henge Site

This is the original photo taken on the equinox of the sun setting. Because of the darkness of this photo, I superimposed this over another photo taken from the same spot on the mound earlier in the day. More on the destruction of this antiquity by Ball State Archaeologists : Ball State University Archaeologists Scheduled to Continue the Destruction of Oneota Sioux Hopewell Burial Complex in New Castle, Indiana

The largest henge of the New Castle henge group has a gateway that is aligned to the Equinox sunrise.

This is a correction I did of Lilly's original map that shows that the large fiddle shaped earthwork and burial mound aligned with the two henges and burial mound to the west in alignment with the sunset on the Equinox.

Ball State University archaeologists have destroyed much of the large loaf shaped mound surrounded by a "fiddle" shaped earthwork and ditch. From the center of the mound the sun can be seen setting in a notch in the hills in the distance. If you look closely, a friend of mine is standing on top of the burial mound.