Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Forensic Anthropologist Declares Circleville Skull Caucasian: Until Its Origin is Revealed


Forensic Anthropologist Declares Circleville Skull 

Caucasian: Until Its Origin is Revealed

"Skull found within a burial mound at Circleville, Ohio. I sent this photo to a leading physical anthropologists asking him to identify the skull, he responded that the skull had “Caucasian attributes.” When I told him the origin of the skull, he recanted his original analysis."  "The Encyclopedia of Ancient Giants in North America."

Burial mound next to the Circleville earthwork where the skeleton was discovered.
The earthwork that is a circle and square is of equal areas, meaning that it's builders knew how to square a circle, mathematically. The knowledge that originated with the accounted giants in the Bible known as the Amorites: an Indo European people.  Everything matches us, except for the truth.