Saturday, July 29, 2023

Porter County, Indiana Indian Burial Mounds

 Porter County, Indiana Oto Sioux Hopewell Burial Mounds

Two of the largest mounds are still visible a mile and a half east of Boone Grove on C.R. 550 South. Two additional smaller mounds are behind the barn, but in bad shape, as they are being trampled by cattle. A larger mound is east of these in a field and is currently being cultivated.  Adena mound encircled by a ditch in Huntington County, Indiana : Adena Mound Encircled by an Earthwork is Photographed in Huntington County, Indiana

History of Porter County

    Although Porter County has not been found so rich in prehistoric remains as some of her sister counties, one of the finest groups of mounds in northern Indiana lies within her borders. The original field notes of the United States land survey in 1834, mention the fact that the north and south line between sections 33 and 34, township 34 north, range 6 west, “passes over a large artificial mound surrounded by a number of smaller ones.” A copy of the original plat now on file in the state auditor’s office at Indianapolis shows the larger mound on the section line, with a group of nine smaller mounds surrounding it in a circle. This is the group of mounds located about a mile and a half east of the village of Boone Grove, on the south side of Wolf creek. At present time there are eight mounds visible on an area of some thirty acres. The plat of the original survey above-mentioned shows ten mounds, but it is possible that two of them have been obliterated by the plow. Seven of the mounds are situated on the high wooded ground.
Early photo of the burial mounds near Boone Grove, Indiana

Photo taken at the same angle as my perspective, showing the burial mounds have changed little in the last 80 years.